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Cracked Princes is a Livejournal Community is dedicated to the OT5 of Tennis no Oujisama, Atobe Keigo x Fuji Syuusuke x Echizen Ryoma x Sanada Genichirou x Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Started by the wonderful kasugai_gummie and exwaiz and widely spread by lady_androgene, this OT5 has offically ate my brain and with rampant plot bunnies decided to force me into creating this comm for them. >.> Little buggers...

Anyway, this comm will be a little different from other Pairing comms, at least in my opinion.

The Comm is called Cracked Princes for a reason, actually. "Cracked" is a double meaning of Crack the Humor Drug and Cracked as in "Broken," being the Angst factor. Seeing as I will be writing *omg* Angst for this. ^^ Hey, I'm an Angst writer, I can't do crack fluff decently in my opinion. -.-;

There will be themes, Twenty five at least. (hopefully five centered on each guy, possibly ^^)

Mini Arcs made by me will also allow others to inspire themselves with. Some of which will be a Blind/Injured Arc and multiple AU Arcs (possibly Real Life inspired and/or x-over with other animes/manga/books). Members will also be given the chance to make their own Interactive Mini Arcs.

Comm challenges will also be given.

A special Archive for Pre-OT5 (or stuff prior to OT5 formation) will be made and is for all the AtoSana, TezuFuji, AtoTezu, AtoFuji, TezuRyo and all the other combinations you can make from these five. Please label each entry as Pre-OT5. This is very broad but keep in mind that this Comm is OT5 centric, not Tango Pair, Thrill Pair, Pillar Pair, etc. centric.

This is our second layout. I did all the graphics and the coding this time around and I hope you enjoy the new look of things! ^^

Enjoy, have fun, and let the Crack and Cracked eat your brain.

1. Be open minded
2. No fighting, we should all be acting mature save for random squealing and fangirl/fanboyness. ^^
3. When posting work not by you, please credit the source.(This will be heavily enforced)
4. Be respectiveful
5. All fics must be under LJ-cut as well as Artwork. Icons, 3 or more, must be Lj-cut.
6. Pimping Lj Comms are fine as long as they're tagged with OT in the subject line
7. No spamming unless approved by me. It's what your personal LJ is for. You can tag a spam such as a survey if you have something to contribute to the Comm. If it's by itself just talk to me first. Commenting in my LJ is very useful. I check my email for anything at least once a day. I will approve any academic related spam, such as surveys and such but just displaying your life for all to see...no way in the 9th Circle of HELL!
8. Discussion are cool so long as Discussion is in the Subject line.
9. Three warnings before banning except when dealing with 3 and 7 violators. Automatic banning.

Lj-Cutting, Copy and Paste and edit as needed

Please look at this post on details on the Archiving Policy.

This post entails to only Round Robin: Round Robin Rules

Fic Posting:
Archive: (Main, Series or name of appropiate Arc. If you are creating a new Arc, please say new in parathesises)
Summary: (Please say Spoiler if needed)
Notes: (if needed)

Art Posting
Notes: (if needed)

Comm Themes
Rules: No length, no rating requirements. Fan Art and Fan Fics welcomed. No need to be in order or completed, can be taken at any time.
Archive: Community Themes
under construction but reccommendations are welcomed!
1. Cats or Pets
2. Oyaji or Father figure
3. Swords
4. Fashion
5. Photography
6. Reading
7. Naps
8. Morning
9. Noon
10. Evening
11. Caps
12. Possessive
13. Uke
14. Seme
15. Drugs
16. Rain
17. Rivals

Community Challenges

Rules: No length requirements, no rating either. Fanfics and Fanart and these can be taken at anytime and in no order and there is no requirement to do them all either. Have fun with these.
Archive: Comm Challenges #(insert number)
1. Rings
2. Winter Holidays
3. Joy and Sorrow
4. Blind(ness)
5. Jubilations and Surprises

And yes I know that Comm Challenges and Themes are exactly a like, just go with it. ^^

houseofsmex is quite possibly the only other OT5 community here in Livejournal and possibly everywhere else. Devoted to an OT5 of Full Metal Alchemist based on an Fan made Universe, Post Anime, it treats to everyone's tastes in fetishes, from incest to yaoi and Het. I also happen to be a member of this Comm, though I do not write anything for it. ^^;

madam_flame is for those peculiar lovers that enjoy their Gender-switched Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) a bit more than the rest of the other people and then some.

ukemi_flame is another Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) community that enjoys having its favorite Flame Alchemist take the "uke" or bottom role for a while. Considering he's quite rare to find in Roy/Ed fiction, this might just be a haven for those Roy/Ed fans that want something different. Anything is welcomed, all pairings, even het. ^_~

If you would like to affliate with cracked_princes just comment in my LJ and we'll hook up! ^^

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